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Project Why Wait?

Now might not be the best time for a project, but it also isn’t the worst time.

1953 GMC Pickup Truck 

Proud to be a Project Partner of the first long-term Stance Is Everything build: Project Why Wait?

Dave Thomas has been blogging at for years, covering all-aspects of the Ontario automotive scene. His super-supportive wife Lyndsey told him to quit talking about the project car he wanted to work on, and start looking for one. With a young son and plans for a larger home (with a two car garage) Lyndsey challenged Dave, saying although it might not be the best time, it also wasn't the worst time either. The only way a project can begin is just to start.

This would be a family project, something Lyndsey and eventually young son Ash would own as well. Once a truck was decided on, they narrowed down the search to to 48 – 54 Chevrolets. After passing on quite a few bondo-full Ontario relics, a 5 window GMC was found in Saskatchewan by Blair Taylor of Taylor’d Customs. This truck is very complete and very clean, just missing a bed. It is incredibly solid with a great patina.

Not only is it solid, but it runs too! The straight six isn't pretty, but it's been powering this truck for years. We think Dave should leave it be while he decides on the final power plant he wants to install. Currently the plan is to leave the patina, match a bed to it, and put it on the ground.

We are proud to join Taylor’d Customs to help Dave make his dream truck a reality.

Dave is a car guy deserving of support, if you want to help out on this project contact Dave through one of his many social media accounts:

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