Performance Improvements Advanced off the Queensway

Performance Improvements Advanced off the Queensway

Performance Improvements moved to NEW Super Store 87 Advance Road

Performance Improvements Toronto

87 Advance Road
Toronto, ON M8Z 2S6

Phone: (416) 259-9656

Toll Free: 1-877-471-6700



P.I. Speed Shops moved it’s Main Location from 1100 the Queensway to 87 Advance Road

When Bob McJannett opened his 600-square-foot store at 1268 The Queensway as a part-time venture in 1964, he did not anticipate being on the same street for the next 48 years. “I can’t believe how much the neighbourhood has changed.” says Bob, the “retired” founder of P.I. (who now only works five days a week). “This area used to be mostly industrial; companies like Mack Trucks and Brantford Coach were our neighbours. Now we are surrounded by condos, restaurants and movie theatres. Even “Min the Bootlegger” is gone!”


Performance Improvements - Advancing into the Future

In fact, family-owned Performance Improvements is one of the few remaining businesses from the 60s who have not moved away – until now. The question most often asked is why move off The Queensway, the street they have been on since the beginning, 48 years in fact?  “At 1100 where we have been happily located for the last 34 years, it was time to cheer everything up. Thirty-four years of use tends to make things shopworn. It was time to renew everything.” says Bob. 

After costing out the amount they would have to spend to bring everything up to modern standards, they realized that after the dust settled they would have spent a lot of dollars and still be in the same amount of space. 

“That is when we made the difficult decision to move. We felt we needed more space,” says Bob.  “At about the same time, we were coming to that conclusion, someone came along and made us an offer for our building that we could not refuse.” Now, it was time for P.I. to go looking for a new home.


Performance Improvements new location: 87 Advance Road, Toronto, ON

87 Advance Road, still in Etobicoke

“We really wanted to remain in the area,” says Andy McJannett, vice-president of P.I. “We have all grown up in this neighbourhood and have deep roots in the local community. It took a long time to find a building that would give us the space to expand now and on into the future.” 

After much searching, the P.I. Guys found their new home just a few blocks north. March 16, 2012, they’ll move their head office into a 22,000-sq.-ft. building at 87 Advance Road in Etobicoke. Advance Road runs west from Islington Avenue, a mere four traffic lights north of the Queensway, only minutes away from their current home. Phase one of “Project Advance” will consist of a new 5,000-sq-ft. “super-sized” retail showroom (double what they have now), improved warehouse space and updated offices, including a much-needed meeting and training room!  

The real excitement comes with the opportunities the new building presents. A “Super-Sized” Showroom will allow them to display the huge inventory commitment that used to be hidden in the back. The additional space will also allow for vehicles in the showroom and large interactive product displays. 

A meeting room will allow regular in-house managers’ meetings, sales training and new product introductions. They may be able to offer this space to house tech seminars that will appeal to our customers. 

Expanded warehousing will allow the addition of new product lines, especially bulky items that have been shied away from in the past (like truck accessories, exhaust systems and the like)



Performance Improvements Move - Bigger and Better

“There are a number of product lines we have been unable to carry because of our lack of space, plus limited showroom space prevented complete product displays of existing lines,” said Andy. “Well, those days will be over. We want our customers to be able to see all we have to offer. We want to create a retail environment that will dazzle our customers.” 

The pluses offered from the move vastly outweigh the negatives, and the guys at P.I. are all very excited about opportunities to come.  They took possession of their new building in early January, and plans for the utilization of the space began immediately.  “So, while we are sad to say goodbye to the Queensway,” says Andy “There will still be some connection since we are taking our swinging doors to the new building for old times sake.” 

Performance Improvements remains a Canadian family-owned business with second generation sons Rob and Andy leading the charge to the future. 

“We are looking forward to having you visit our new home on Advance!” said Bob. “We want the shopping experience to be great!” •




Where did Performance Improvements move to?

Performance Improvements Speed Shops Limited (P.I. Speed Shops) has moved from 1100 the Queensway in Etobicoke, just four lights north off Islington to 87 Advance Rd., Toronto, ON, M8Z 2S6. A new location but P.I. still has the same phone number: 416-259-9656.


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