Book Review: Chevelle Performance Projects

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Chevelle Performance Projects 1964-1972

Bring your A-Body into the modern era, not just Chevelles - Pontiac GTO, OLDS 442 and Buick GS too!

If you have a Chevelle or are thinking about Buying one, here is a book for you. Cole Quinnell helps you through many upgrades to bring your car to todays standards.

In 176 pages, he explains brake upgrades, suspension improvements, transmission modifications and more. He covers step by step upgrades to every component groupof your car including chassis, suspension, brakes, transmission, driveline, engine, interior, and electronics. Some of his detailed component installs include HEI ignition, upgrading the steering system, tubular A-arms, a 5-speed transmission swap, stiffer coil-over and leaf springs and much more.

Planning on installing a modern GM LS engine? Quinnell covers this complex install from start to finish. If you have plans for your Chevelle this book will save you countless hours and money too.

All projects are applicable to other A-Body cars, including Pontiac GTO, Olds 4-4-2 and Buick GS.


Cole Quinnell has served in a multitude of roles within the automotive industry, including public relations, marketing, and social media specialist. He is also an accomplished magazine editor and writer, penning scores of stories for Hot Rod, Popular Hot Rodding, Muscle Car Review and other magazines. He has served as the editor of 4-Wheel and Offroad Magazine and the editorial director of the Truck Group at Primedia Publishing. As a seasoned veteran marketing and communications professional, Quinnell has worked for Chrysler and Ford. Currently, he is a vice president of Team Detroit, an automotive advocacy program and runs his own public relations, social media, and communications business. He lives in the Detroit area with his wife.

Chevelle Performance Products 1964-1972 • SA226 • Author Cole Quinnell • 176 Pages •

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