Does Fitech EFI need a return line?

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Do I need a return line with FiTech?

Does FiTech EFI need a return line?

You NEED a return regardless with an inline pump fuel system. It comes down to if you are returning from a remote mount regulator or from the built on regulator.



I have a return line on my mechanical fuel pump, can I use a tee and connect the command center vent to this line?

Do not tee them together. One is a vent and the other is a fuel return line. If you replace your mechanical pump with one that does not have a return line you can then use this line as a vent line.



I have a mechanical fuel pump with a return line can I tee the fuel return line from my FCC to the fuel return line on my mechanical fuel pump?

Your mechanical pumps return line has fuel travelling though it where as the vent on the Fuel Command Center doesn’t. They can NOT be tied together because of this.



I have a 1995 Chevrolet 5.7 with a TBI I wish to use a adapter plate and put a Direct fuel injection self-learning system do I need a kit to plumb in the inlet and return fuel line? And will be FiTech injection system work with the adapter plate?

Our systems do work with adapter plates. You will need to feed the system with a high pressure efi pump like our 40101 fuel pump.



Can you use the stock fuel tank that has a sender with a small return line on it for the EFI return line? 

As long as you have a return port that is at least 5/16″.



I would like to know if the return port on fitech throttle body is it fuel return or Vapor return line?

The return line returns excess fuel to maintain fuel pressure in the throttle body.



Is the return fuel under high pressure?

The return line should have virtually no pressure.



Does your system come with a fitting to install in the gas tank for the return line?

FiTech 50001 Go EFI In-line Frame Mount Fuel Delivery Kit unfortunately will not come with a fitting to put the return into the tank. Our TKO Inline Fuel Pump Kits do include a Fuel Cuff: 

20 ft. Inline Fuel Pump Kit without Return Line, with Fuel Cuff - AA9921

40 ft. Inline Frame Mount Fuel Pump Kit with Return Line & Fuel Cuff - AA9940



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