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Unboxing the Edelbrock EFI Fuel Sump Kit


Switching from a Carburetor to Electronic Fuel Injection

If your vehicle is equipped with low-pressure carbureted fuel system, you need a way to provide the necessary high fuel pressure required for EFI. The Edelbrock Universal EFI Fuel Sump Kits are intended to be used with the existing factory fuel tank and low-pressure pump. They include the fuel sump tank with a high-pressure pump and regulator pre-installed, a wiring harness, a mounting bracket, hose, fittings, and all of the necessary hardware for installation. They are complete self-contained systems that can be easily installed under the hood of any vehicle. The unique design of the kits allows them to deliver a constant fuel pressure of 49 psi or 60 psi, which is necessary to operate an EFI system and will not require a fuel return line. 


Unboxing the Universal EFI Fuel Sump Kit

Let's see what's in the Universal EFI Fuel Sump Kit. When you open the box for the first time you're going to see: Instructions, Russell fuel line that helps you install the kit, the actual Fuel Sump itself, hardware mounting package, cardboard insert, fuel filter, wiring harness and various connectors and mounting pieces.

Edelbock's Universal EFI Fuel Sump Kits are a complete self-contained system that can easily be installed under the hood of your vehicle. The unique design of these systems allows them to deliver a constant high fuel pressure with no fuel return line, external fuel pressure regulator or fuel tank modifications.

They are compatible with the existing factory fuel tank and low pressure pump. These kits are ideal for use with aftermarket EFI systems and many popular engine swaps that require a constant 35 to 90 psi of fuel pressure.

How does the system work?

The existing low-pressure fuel system gets the fuel from the stock style mechanical or electric fuel pump to the fuel sump. The pump inside the Sump increases the fuel pressure and pushes the fuel through a high quality fuel filter then to the engine and it is distributed via the fuel rails and injectors.

The Fuel Sump housing is constructed of a durable lightweight plastic that is abrasion resistant and compatible for gasoline applications. Inside the sump there are: two composite floats that control the amount of incoming fuel; a high pressure fuel pump with filter sock; a boost referenced adjustable fuel pressure regulator and a rollover check valve safety vent.

We’ll use this model as an example of an early model gas tank with our sump at the left and a typical electric EFI fuel pump at the right. When the vehicle corners aggressively the Sump provides a consistent fuel flow rate while the typical fuel pump gets starved causing the engine to stumble and the ECU to recalculate. The sump maintains that consistent fuel flow rate for any condition, providing more consistent performance for your engine.

Edelbrock offers two universal Sump Kits. Both are adjustable from 30 to 90 psi. These kits are available in either 67 gallons per hour (255 LPH) or 105 gallons per hour (400 LPH), which can support up to 750 horsepower. Both of these kits are great solutions when used with Edelbrock's Pro-Flo 3 EFI system or other aftermarket EFI systems. The kit also is perfect for any late-model engine swap. These Sump Tanks are also available separately without the hardware and fuel lines.


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