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Extang TRIFECTA 2.0 REBATE in Canada

Get $50 off a Trifecta 2.0 Tonneau

Buy a Tonneau from Performance Improvements and Download this Form to get a $50 Rebate.

Extang is pleased to announce our consumer promotion for the all-new Trifecta 2.0! Retail customers purchasing any of our Trifecta 2.0 series soft truck bed covers (92, 93 and 94 series) from Performance Improvements May 14 through June 30 can redeem a $50 rebate on their purchase within Canada. Click HERE for the Rebate Form. 





INSTRUCTIONS: Please follow the instructions listed below completely and accurately in order to qualify for the rebate. 

• Buy a Trifecta 2.0 tonneau between 05/14/18 and 06/30/18 from Performance Improvements

• Complete the Mail-In Rebate Form in full.

• Attach a copy of the original sales receipt*.

• Attach the original UPC from the product.

Download the Rebate Form for full details.


EXTANG Tonneau Covers

As air passes over the cab, it flows into the empty truck bed, producing drag. Closed-air truck beds offer lower air resistance, similar to their racing counterparts. This reduction in drag creates a faster, more energy-efficient truck. Extang claims a 5 to 10% fuel mileage increase.

Provides privacy and security

Owning a truck means moving stuff, helping people move etc. And whether it's their stuff or yours, a tonneau keeps prying eyes from acquiring your cargo.

Protects from the weather

Whether you're driving around in sleet, snow or driving rain, the gear you haul can quickly become waterlogged sloshing around in the back as your bed fills up. The Extang tonneau is far more effective than a tarp. Yet is still easily removed to let you handle larger cargo.

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