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What's the difference between FiTech GO Street EFI & GO EFI

FiTech Review: GO Street EFI vs GO EFI

Feature comparison of the Go EFI Systems

FITECH EFI REVIEW: In my opinion, the Go EFI 4 (aka 600hp) is a better choice over the Go Street EFI (400hp) for most performance applications.

The differences (besides the price) are the quality of finish, the ability of the EFI to control ignition timing and an electric fan control.

The horsepower ratings are all maximums, any of the FiTech systems will work down to as little as 150hp. So you will not end up with an over-fueling issue by running the larger one. The CFM of both units is actually the same, the increased HP support is due to the annular discharge rings and injector control.

It's all about TIMING

The timing control offered in the Go EFI 4 is the main difference. The ability to control fuel and ignition is the hallmark of a good EFI system.

Go Street EFI is a simple to install electric carburetor. Without controlling the timing, the Go Street EFI (aka 400hp) unit is really more like an electric carb than EFI. 

Go Street EFI is a simple to install electric carburetor.



Go EFI4  is a true Electronic Fuel Injection system. Controls both the timing, fuel and electric fans. 

Go EFI4  is a true Electronic Fuel Injection system. Controls both the timing, fuel and electric fans.

By controlling both timing and fuel, the Go EFI 4 - 600 HP will adapt better to changing load conditions and optimize the combustion process for max power and economy. The Go EFI 4 will control most conventional 2 wire distributors or vehicles with a C/D style ignition (like an MSD) just by wiring them to the FiTech unit. Vehicles equipped with HEI distributors will require a C/D style ignition box to control timing.

For a performance application the timing control is a must.  And to be honest, if you are running an electric fan it’s nice to be able to set it according to the actual coolant temp instead of the common ‘dial back’ probes. You still need a relay to power the fan, the FiTech unit is only designed to activate a relay, not supply enough amperage to power the fan.

 FITECH EFI: All FiTech fuel injection kits are made to fit any 4-bbl intake manifold, including those with the Dominator 4500 flange (clearance for the linkage may require modification of the manifold or spacers). They are the most self contained and featured units of their type. The ECU is mounted to the throttle body, and this makes installation simple. No need to run a hole through your firewall, no extra harnesses to drape across the engine bay.

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Still have questions about EFI? Contact US! If you send us your engine/vehicle info, we might have some additional insight.

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