FiTech Ultimate LS Kits now in Canada

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FiTech Ultimate LS Induction Systems Canada

FiTech Ultimate LS Kits

Make Your LS Engine Conversion Easy

LS engine swaps have become the easiest way to infuse 21st-century power into classic vehicles, but not always the cheapest. Once you acquired an LS engine, no matter how cheap it was, it still might cost you a fortune to get it running. You used to need a custom ECU or wiring harness, Intake manifolds, injectors, throttle body, then re-flash or the reprogramming, kits started at $5,000.

Enter FiTech and their new FiTech Ultimate LS Induction Systems, built to work with LS1, LS2, LS3, LS6, and L92 engines. Kits are available for applications up to 750 horsepower. Kits are available to order now from Performance Improvements, with or without a transmission controller:


FiTech’s New LS Induction System in Canada

FiTech's Ultimate LS Induction Systems are a self-tuning induction system for LS-based engines, designed for the do-it-yourself hot-rodder or professional tuner. These systems feature all the same industry-leading EFI control that is in all FiTech EFI systems. Kits come complete with everything needed for a first-class installation, getting your street vehicle back on the road or race car back to the track. High-quality welds and extremely low profile clearance ensures perfect fit and function for years to come. From a junkyard 5.3L to a new crate engine, these ultimate induction systems are sure to keep your LS ahead of the competition.

FiTech Ultimate LS Induction Systems Canada

FiTech Ultimate LS Kit Features:
  • Precision Machined Specifically for LS-Based Engines.
  • True Self-Tuning EFI System.
  • 24X and 58X Crank and Cam Compatible.
  • Sequential Fuel and Spark Control with Individual Cylinder Trim.
  • Compatible with Car and Truck Coils.
  • Bosch Wide Band Controlled.
  • On The Fly Programmable Target AFR and Timing.
  • Knock Sensor Control*.
  • Custom Camshaft Friendly.
  • Available in 500 HP or 750 HP versions.

FiTech Ultimate LS Kits Canada

What’s In The Box?  FiTech’s Ultimate LS Kits Include:
  • Plug and Play Wiring Harness.
  • Handheld Controller with Color Touch Screen.
  • Black Anodized Fabricated Aluminum Intake Manifold (1,500-6,500 RPM).
  • 36 or 66* lb/hr Injectors.
  • High Volume Fuel Rails with Crossover.
  • 92mm or 102mm* Billet Aluminum Throttle Body.
  • 2- Programmable Fan Control Outputs.
  • Tach and Speedometer Output Drivers.
  • 3 BAR MAP Sensor*.
  • Stainless O2 Sensor Bung (Clamp or Weld).
  • Fuel Pump Relay Output.
  • Windshield Mount for Handheld Controller.
  • Available Transmission Control Suitable for 4L60, 4L65, 4L70 or 4L80.

Note: *Asterisk for 750 HP kits only.

FiTech Ultimate LS Kits now in Canada



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FiTech Tech Support: 951.340.2624
M-F 8:00am-5:00pm & Saturday 8:00am-12:00pm

Address: 12370 Doherty St. Suite A Riverside, CA 92503

FiTech Ultimate LS Kits now in Canada at Performance Improvements




LS Engines - Summary

Here’s the bottom line; the LS is cheap, light, compact, and makes a ton of horsepower. It can fit into nearly anything you want, and it can be done on a tight budget. From the average Joe to a professional racer, the LS engine is perfect for nearly anything. 


Products to help your LS Swap:

Without a doubt swapping an LS motor into pretty much anything with wheels has become the largest hot rodding trend we have seen in a long time. Performance Improvements has some of the top LS swap components that you are looking for to make it easy to get your motor running.



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