New FlowMonster Chambered Mufflers from ... Flowmaster?

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Not just another Flowmaster knockoff!

FlowMonster mufflers actually come from ... Flowmaster?!

While there have been many ‘white box’ copies of the iconic chambered Flowmaster mufflers, many of suspect quality and durability, FlowMonster mufflers are the ONLY inexpensive chambered muffler made by Flowmaster!

Compared side by side, the FlowMonsters are identical to the Flowmaster (other than colour) in exterior dimensions, inlet and outlet locations as well as baffle placement for that awesome chambered muffler sound.

We even pulled some from the box and found them to have the same weight (9.6lbs for a 2-chamber) and .080” wall tubing thickness.


Head to Head: Flowmaster Muffler vs. FlowMonster Muffler

Flowmaster Weight FlowMonster Weight
Flowmaster Thickness FlowMonster Thickness


Why choose FlowMonster?  Price!

Regardless of size or configuration, they are all $49.95CDN+tax!

All One-Chamber & Two Chamber mufflers are the same low price of $49.95. And while Flowmasters used to be made in the USA, recent shipments have confirmed that they are now produced in China, as are FlowMonsters.


So are you ready to hear the roar with FlowMonster?

Unleash your Monster with FlowMonster™ chambered mufflers. Hidden beneath your ride lies a powerful creature destined to dominate. FlowMonster™ chambered mufflers create an aggressive exhaust note giving a powerful voice to your car/truck/SUV. FlowMonster mufflers are constructed of 16-gauge aluminized steel and are 100% MIG welded for maximum strength and durability. The chambered design cancels out unwanted frequencies with no packing producing an aggressive exhaust note that will not change with time. FlowMonster mufflers are coated with high heat resistant silver paint for an aggressive look under your car.


FlowMonster Features

  • Produces an aggressive sound

  • The chambered design cancels out annoying high pitch frequencies

  • Increases exhaust flow for increased performance and excellent throttle response

  • Constructed of durable 16-gauge aluminized steel

  • 100% MIG welded for maximum strength and durability

  • Silver painted finish

  • Compact design accommodates most Cars/Trucks/SUV’s

  • This value-priced muffler carries no warranty



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