Gale Banks reviews Vibrant Performance

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ENGINEERING UNBOXED: Vibrant Performance Fabrication Supplies

Gale Banks is like a kid at Christmas when he opens a package from Canada's own Vibrant Performance. The family-owned Canadian company’s precision HD clamps, V-band clamps, stainless steel TurboFlex couplings, AN fittings, hoses, flanges, tubing, and accessories will transform both engine dyno cells. Gale explains that when Banks engineer Erik was looking for various flex couplers, bellows, tubing, and collectors for the ‘Killing A Duramax L5P’, he stumbled upon Vibrant. After buying and installing the parts, he quickly sang their praises to his fellow engineers. It didn’t take long for word to get to Gale. After a few phone calls, nearly a hundred parts were in the UPS truck, headed to Banks. Soon both engine dyno cells would be transformed.

We agree with Gale Banks and like doing business with family-owned companies too. (We can help you with your pronunciation of Mississauga, Gale.) Aren’t familiar with Vibrant’s vast array of fabrication supplies? Watch the video and get ready to drool. 

Check out Gale discussing specific Vibrant products:

  • 4:21 TurboFlex couplings
  • 5:02 Spring clamps
  • 6:00 V-band clamps
  • 8:35 Turbine inlet flanges
  • 8:53 Double slip joints
  • 9:35 HD clamps

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