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Buy any Pro-Flo 4 EFI Kit and get a FREE 36031 Fuel Sump

Purchase any NEW Edelbrock Pro Flo 4 EFI Kit from Performance Improvements this fall and receive FREE ED36031 Fuel Sump Kit a $559.88 CAD Value!



About Fuel Sump: Edelbrock Universal EFI Sump Fuel Systems 36031 Edelbrock universal EFI sump fuel systems are designed to provide the necessary high fuel pressure required for EFI applications in vehicles equipped with an existing low-pressure carbureted fuel system. They're complete self-contained systems that can be easily installed under the hood. The unique design of these systems allows them to deliver constant fuel pressure with no fuel return line or external fuel pressure regulator—and they're compatible with the existing factory fuel tank and pump.

These units are ideal for use with various aftermarket EFI systems and with many popular engine swap applications that require constant 35-90 psi fuel pressure. The systems feature a new compact design that's adjustable from 35 to 90 psi and include a vacuum reference port. They're available in 67 and 105 gph flow rates and can support up to 750 hp. Both are great solutions when used with an E-Street, Pro-Flo 3, or other aftermarket EFI system. (Edelbrock universal EFI sump fuel systems are also available in a kit package. Each complete kit includes a wiring harness, universal mounting brackets, hose, fittings, and all of the necessary hardware for installation.)


Edelbrock Pro-Flo 4 EFI systems provide you with a high performance traditional-style intake and 4150-style throttle body. Unlike regular throttle body EFI systems, Pro-Flo 4 features the fuel rails and individual injectors for each cylinder mounted on the manifold. This Edelbrock design produces the best fuel atomization and distribution for the ultimate performance, as well as delivering the most control and the most efficient way to deliver fuel to your engine. Along with innovative design, Pro-Flo 4 systems have the latest technology with an all-new ECU, and even more features for advanced tuning, with the key being their exclusive E-Tuner app with base calibrations developed on their dyno.

Edelbrock Pro-Flo 4 EFI systems include and feature:

  • * Engine Control Unit with faster processor and upgraded Bluetooth chip in a thinner waterproof design
  • * Available with or without easy-to-use 7 in. Android touch screen tablet
  • * Fully assembled intake manifold with air valve, fuel rails, and injectors
  • * Fully assembled OEM high-quality wiring harness with pre-terminated connectors and labeled connection for a simplified installation
  • * E-Tuner application for setup and engine monitoring
  • * Wideband oxygen sensor
  • * Distributor (not included with LS kits)
  • * Gaskets and hardware
  • * Installation instructions
  • * Ready to run out of the box with pre-loaded calibrations
  • * Self-learning technology--no tuning experience or laptop tuning required
  • * Ignition control--adjust ignition curve with the E-Tuner 4 App for optimal performance and mpg
  • * Offered with multiple fuel injector choices
  • * Systems automatically compensate for altitude and weather changes
  • * E-Tuner 4 app with Bluetooth connectivity between ECU and Android phone or tablet. Includes multiple dash display configurations for monitoring engine vitals and performance; multiple control functions including two adjustable cooling fan outputs, idle speed, AFR set points, acceleration fuel tuning, ignition control, cold start fuel, and cranking fuel.



To receive a rebate, you must purchase a new Edelbrock Pro-Flo 4 EFI Kit from Performance Improvements between September 1, 2019, to October 31, 2019, complete the redemption form as directed, and mail it in postmarked by November 30, 2019. 

(Please visit www.edelbrock.com/promo for approved part numbers)

The Edelbrock Promotions listed above are current or past promotions that are valid for the specified promotional period stated. If you have made a qualifying purchase, redemption is easy... Please read the Step-by-Step instructions for a successful rebate submission.

About Edelbrock: Founded in 1938, Torrance-based Edelbrock, LLC is recognized as one of the nation's premier designers, manufacturers and distributor of performance replacement parts for the automotive aftermarket. Edelbrock produces their core products in the United States of America using state-of-the-art equipment in their world class manufacturing facilities. Edelbrock, LLC encompasses five locations in Southern California and one location in North Carolina totalling more than 500,000 square feet.

PLEASE NOTE: Rebates can NOT be combined with any other promotions and rebates.

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