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HUSHMAT: Quality Products for Sound Deadening, Vibration Control, and Thermal Insulation

Are you tired of too much road noise, or too many vibration noises? Want that pleasing “THUNK” sound that a high-end car provides as you close the door? Consider adding sound deadening material to your door panels, floors, trunk skin etc. There are a number of products on the market: some are good, some not so good, and it appears that the prices go that way too. The really cheap stuff does not do the job properly.

We looked at most of the products available and settled on the HushMat product for a couple of reasons. First, the product has been selected by the OEM’s for their vehicles. GM, Ford, Chrysler, Honda and others, specify and use these materials. They are made in the U.S. not overseas; they are simple to install, plus they offer a wide variety of product depending on just what your need is.

By far, the most popular product is the HushMat Ultra. Ultra is the most used product in the HushMat line, available in either 12” x 12” or 12” x 23” squares. You can buy door kits, trunk kits etc., but if you are doing a complete vehicle the best buy is the Bulk Kit (covers 58.7 square feet)

Special tools, heat guns etc. are not necessary; the only things needed were a good utility knife, a black sharpie, scissors, a tape measure and a small roller to get into the corners.

"Block Out Noise & Heat With Hushmat's Insulation" - UTV Weekly

Since we were doing a 32 Roadster, it was fairly easy to remove the seat and door panels making access simple. Their instructions suggest you wear gloves to protect from cuts, but we did not and we still have all our fingers. HushMat will stick to any surface, so elaborate cleaning is not necessary. We simple vacuumed out any dirt, etc. then began.

We covered all the flat surfaces first, trimming as we needed to. HushMat did not lie; you simply peel off the backing paper and press the product onto the surface. Once all the easy stuff was done, using the paper we had peeled off to create the necessary patterns to fill in the voids.

It was simple to draw it onto the ultra material with your sharpie and cut it out with scissors. This is where those of you who do jigsaw puzzles will shine, figuring out how to use the least amount of material to get the most coverage.

This is truly a simple project. We only shot a couple of photos since you can go to their web site and find complete step-by-step instructions to do all the different parts of the vehicle.

There is a couple of other items in the line that caught our eye. If you are serious about your sound system, look carefully at the Megabond Silencer. It is a thermal-insulating, sound-absorbing foam material aimed at the audio market. They also have a “Quiet Tape” and Ultra H2O seam sealer.

Since we are building a roadster with no top, the only audio we are expecting is the sound of the loudest mufflers we could find (Smithy’s Glasspaks). After all, it is a Hot Rod! However, the Quiet Tape was really handy. The trunk is cable operated and when you are running on anything less than a perfectly flat surface, the cable slaps the wheel well. I had tried to stick it down with duct tape, but it wouldn’t stay stuck, using the Quiet Tape it did! I also used it to anchor all the wires that run through the body ensuring they don’t bounce around or rub against each other and to seal any holes where wires had to pass thru the body. Just like the Ultra material, the Quiet Tape sticks to everything.

The seam sealer had no place in a fibreglass roadster, but I have owned some 50s and 60s cars where the factory dum dum seal had broken both under the hood and in the trunk lid. This stuff applied with a caulking gun would solve that problem and stop the panel drumming that a broken seal allows.

HushMat lives up to its billing, a good product, easy to install, that does what it claims. What more could you expect?


Vibration Damping & Thermal Insulation Material is a pressure sensitive, damping material which has excellent adhesion. HushMat Ultra is provided in 12” x 23” rectangular or 12” x 12” square sheets and can be easily hand-cut with scissors or a utility knife for special configurations.

HushMat Ultra, provides outstanding thermal insulation. Enjoy a Cool, Quiet and Comfortable ride with HushMat.



Damping and Seam Sealing Paste is a one-part water-based and air-dry body seam sealing and damping material. HushMat Ultra H-2-O is great for damping those hard to reach areas inside the door frame and rear quarter panels and for sealing body panels and enclosures. HushMat Ultra H-2-O’s chemistry allows for adhesion to sheet metal, wood and fiberglass surfaces and maintains flexibility when cured.

HUSHMAT Quiet Tape

Get rid of the duct tape that doesn’t stay stuck. HushMat Quiet Tape adhesion is guaranteed. Use Quiet Tape to secure wire harnesses and cables to door, floor, trim panels, etc. Eliminate the nuisance noise caused by wire harnesses and cables rattling. This also reduces wear and tear on wires and cables. Simply peel and stick Quiet Tape bridging over the wire or cable. Hand press the tape to sheet metal, plastic or fibreglass surface. The job is done.

Available in tape strips 2” x 6” or a 1” x 30’ shop roll.


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