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BANG!, THWAP!, BLAM!...if it sounds like the original Adam West Batman in your garage, then you might want to watch this video. There's a better way to remove those tight-tolerance LS Main Caps. Just put the mallet down and check out this video. Click HERE to see it - PROFORM part number 67485

Quickly and easily pull main bearing caps of GM Ring and Pinion Gear Set LS series V-8 engines, especially those with main studs. Hook tool to the bottom of cap, press down on handles, and the balanced leverage pulls the cap out of the block with one swift motion.

Slowly put down the rubber mallet and do the job the right way with Proform main cap removal tools. LS main caps have very tight tolerances, and cannot be removed by simply grabbing and pulling on them--uniform pressure from both sides is the only way to do this correctly. Each of these handy tools will seat itself on the engine block, and by using a mechanical advantage easily pulls the main caps upward, evenly ... making a challenging job easy. Proform tools feature heavy-duty anodized billet aluminum construction and are beautifully engineered for years of use



PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENTS IS YOUR CANADIAN SOURCE FOR PROFORM PARTS PROFORM® Parts (Specialty Auto Parts U.S.A., Inc.) is a leader in the High-Performance Automotive Aftermarket by engineering and manufacturing a full line of performance auto parts & accessories including carbs, engine building tools and engine dress up for Chevy, Ford and Mopar. Canadian pricing, no customs, duties, or border fees, 365-day return.




LS Engines - Summary

Here’s the bottom line; the LS is cheap, light, compact, and makes a ton of horsepower. It can fit into nearly anything you want, and it can be done on a tight budget. From the average Joe to a professional racer, the LS engine is perfect for nearly anything. 


Products to help your LS Swap:

Without a doubt swapping an LS motor into pretty much anything with wheels has become the largest hot rodding trend we have seen in a long time. Performance Improvements has some of the top LS swap components that you are looking for to make it easy to get your motor running.



Books to read before an LS Swap:



LS Swap Articles and Tech Tips:



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