MOUSEBLOCKER protects you from uninsured damage

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Performance Improvements is a Canadian Distributor for MouseBlocker, a 12 Volt powered device releasing an ultrahigh frequency noise to deter mice from nesting in your vehicle during Canada's long winter.


Act Now Before Mice & Rodents Nest in Your Vehicle

Mouse damage can cause hundreds of dollars of damage to your vehicle's wiring, air filters and more


Greg M. has a 2017 Toyota Yaris with only 18,000 km. Rodents actually ate pieces of the blower wheel and whole vent assembly, causing almost $700 worth of damage.

Protect your automobiles from mice nesting and damaging your vehicle. When the rodents are nesting they begin chewing on the wiring, tubing, fuel lines and harnesses. This can cause many dollars in un-insured damage.


The filter of the Yaris was replaced only 5 months before with same problem. Greg M. turned to MouseBlocker to kick those rodents out and keep them out.


Hundreds of Canadian new car dealers trust the Mouse Blocker in their customer's vehicles. Works great for protecting vehicles from damage that is not covered by a new car warranty.



Mouse Blocker is the world's first dedicated 12 Volt ultrasonic mouse deterrent for automobiles. Emits a loud high-frequency noise similar to that of a Jack Hammer that deters mice from your car or truck.


MouseBlocker features:
Designed to run exclusively off of your vehicle's 12V battery and draws only as much power as an LCD clock. Runs for months without draining the battery which makes it perfect for all vehicles with a current mouse problem or stored vehicles like motorcycles, tractors, hot rods and vehicles stored for months.

A simple 2 or 3 wire hookup that is wired directly to your vehicle's battery. A two-wire hookup consists of hooking the Mouse Blocker up to power and ground. Hooking the third wire up to an ignition wire or accessory wire will stop the Mouse Blocker from running while the vehicle is running. Runs when the vehicle is parked and in the off position.

Professional installation is recommended, although most handy people can install the Mouse Blocker in minutes. Mouse Blocker Canada available from all Performance Improvements stores.



The Mouse Blocker is available at all Performance Improvements Locations.

Mouse Blocker Classic Canada


The Mouse Blocker is the world's first ultrasonic mouse deterrent dedicated to automobiles.  The Mouse Blocker is a 12 Volt-powered device releasing an ultrahigh-frequency noise (that sounds like a jackhammer to humans) to deter mice from nesting inside your automobile. The Mouse Blocker is designed to protect automobiles from clogged or blocked interior areas, which can ultimately result in severe damage to your vehicle. The Mouse Blocker runs exclusively off a vehicle’s 12V battery or anywhere with a 12V power supply so you don’t have to worry about leaking flashlight batteries or extension cords.




The Mouse Blocker is the worlds first ultrasonic mouse deterrent dedicated to automobiles. The MouseBlocker Pro takes everything great about the Original MouseBlocker and makes it better. The Powerful Ultrasonic Sounds emitted from this unit are now adjustable and now even louder than the Original. This new unit also adds a new deterrent in the form of 2 Bright Strobing LED lights simply adding another feature the rodents do not like in our attempt to make the area very uncomfortable for the rodents to nest.



Plug-In Mouse Blocker Pro Canada


The MouseBlocker Plug-In Pro Model is our recommendation for long term storage situations (longer than 2 weeks) where you want the most power and protection available. This unit is trusted by 100’s of RV and Camper dealers throughout North America and installs very easy. This “Plug-In” MouseBlocker PRO Model can easily be installed virtually anywhere now. Plugs into any 110v power outlet or extension cord. Works great when protecting items that do not have a 12V battery but power is nearby.



Anti-Rodent Repair Tape Canada


MouseBlocker Anti-Rodent Insulated Repair Tape is made with encapsulated Capsaicin from Hot Chile Peppers. This repair tape is a great addition to the already potent rodent protection our Original 12V MouseBlocker provides however it protects in a little different way by putting a barrier between the rodents teeth and the sensitive vehicle wiring. Use the MouseBlocker Insulated Repair Tape to protect your wiring after making a repair or protect the entire harness. Available while supplies last.



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