New headlight bulbs too large to install with your stock dust cap?

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Are Rubber Dust Covers Important When You Retrofit LED or HID Headlights?

OEMs provide dust covers on some vehicle models to maintain a dust and moisture free headlight housing around the headlight bulb. What do you do if you install a new HID or LED bulb that won't fit with the OEM Dust Cover?


Why are LED bulbs so large?

The heat sink at the back of LED Bulbs makes them much larger than stock. But the heat sink is very important. As we know, LED headlight bulbs get hot at work, the heat sink is needed for heat dissipation. If LED headlight is being too hot, the IC driver inside will reduce the current supplied to LED chips as well as reduce the lighting illumination. So a heat sink is the key to maintain headlight working on stable illumination and not burn out.


Do I need to keep the Dust Cap on?

The dust cap is as important as the Heat Sink. It prevents your headlamp housing from being filled up with dirt or be misted up. We suggest you neither take down the heat sink to get the LED headlight bulb fit in headlamp housing nor to leave the dust cover off in order to use the led headlight bulb. Instead, you need a modified headlight Dust Cap.



Custom-Fit Dust Cover for Dodge Ram

The Dodge Ram Projector Light Dust Cover BS33402C from BrightSource Canada 


Are Larger Custom-Fit Dust Covers Available?

To simplify installation BrightSource designed a custom headlight dust cover that accommodates a higher profile bulb for specific vehicles. The Dodge Ram Projector Light Dust Cover (Part No. 33402C) has both left and right side applications. The higher profile cover is pre-drilled for both high and low beam bulbs and comes with grommets to maintain water and dust proof integrity.

The BrightSource cover can be used as long as you need it. If you upgrade your headlight bulbs in a leased vehicle, simply keep the factory covers and original stock bulbs for replacement when you return the vehicle at the termination of the lease. This can save you hundreds of dollars in ‘lease recovery’ costs.

BrightSource custom-fit extra-large rubber headlight dust covers are available at all Performance Improvements locations.

BrightSource Custom-Fit Dust Cover Applications



Lumens Large Dust Covers

LUMENS Headlight Rubber Dust Caps from 83mm to 100 mm


Are Universal Extra Large Dust Covers Available?

Lumens offers high-quality PVC rubber, headlight seal dust cover available in 100mm (3.937in.), 95mm (3.740in.), 83mm (3.267in.) and 75mm (2.953in.). Able to work in the temperature of -40~70℃ with its high-temperature resistance. Designed for HID and LED Headlight Kit, makes your headlight install clean and tidy. Fit for HID or LED headlights: H1 H3 H4 H7 H8 H9 H11 H16 H13 9004 9005 9006 9007 HB3 HB4 9012.

A rubber dust cover is a popular product in HID or LED headlight retrofits. The rubber dust cover will replace the original cap and give enough room for the aluminum heat sink while improving airflow. Whether for LED headlight with fan or no fan, this way absolutely can improve heat dissipation and ensure your light bulb has a longer life span.

Lumens large rubber headlight dust covers are available at all Performance Improvements locations.


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