P.I. Oshawa has Closed

P.I. Oshawa has Closed

Performance Improvements Oshawa has Permanently Closed

Sad but true, the Oshawa location of Performance Improvements has now closed. When Lonnie Leigh retired earlier this year after over 40 (!!) years at P.I., our plan was to invest in updating the store to continue under the leadership of James Smith. In February the obstacles that we faced in Oshawa (GM closing, lease-up with a landlord looking for an increase, staffing challenges) all seemed like issues we could overcome.

The pandemic has exponentially increased the challenges we are facing in the short term, making it untenable to re-open the Oshawa store. Luckily for us, James will be bringing his knowledge and talents to Toronto where he can continue helping people work on their automotive projects, once we re-open.

Our family business is looking at the same struggles so many other small businesses are facing, and this closure was an amputation to save the rest of the body. It bears no reflection on the staff (like Todd Doyle) who worked so hard in Performance Improvements Speed Shops Oshawa, the forecast for this year just made keeping it open untenable.

Many other businesses are also facing these problems, sadly this will not be the last time a sign like this goes up in the window of one of your favourite stores.

Please support all the small businesses you can, while you can. Keep Canada working.

-- Bob, Andy, Rob and the rest of the P.I. family.


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