Slim-Fit Radiators Are More Than Just Thin...

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Slim-Fit Radiators Are More Than Just Thin...


Limited under-hood space is no longer an issue

There's a lot more going on with the Proform Slim-Fit Radiators Systems beyond the obvious fact that they're pretty darn thin...4"! Three years of development has led to the unveiling of the industry’s first all-in-one, integrated radiator system. The combined core/shroud/fan thickness is FOUR INCHES, which translates into a cooling system that is up to 40% thinner than typical radiator/fan/shroud combos currently available in the aftermarket. Tight spaces under the hood are no longer an issue!

Four-Corner Design

Slim-Fit Radiators bring a new Integrated Four-Corner Design to the Aftermarket, which is unlike any other radiator. Defined by sleek angles, eye-catching perforations and an exclusively designed Slant-Edge Cap, these radiators not only look great, but also define a well put together engine bay. Cluttered, hodge-podge DIY looking cooling systems are no longer the only way to maximize cooling and style. The precise tig-welding “stack of dimes” cascades down the clean natural-polished aluminum finish for a premium aftermarket look that will be the envy of the car show circuit and Cars & Coffee mornings.

PROFORM Innovation

1. Through innovative engineering, the fan motor has been flipped and directly mounted to the uniquely designed core, instead of hanging off the outside of the shroud as in most other radiator setups.

2. The specially designed third tank allows coolant to flow all the way through the radiator, eliminating dead space. The brazing process minimizes the chance for leaks.

3. The Slim-Fit Radiator’s reinforced unique core design incorporates both extruded tubes and traditional dual one-inch tubes, making it a true hybrid.

4. Each system includes a billet aluminum filler neck, with high-capacity, anti-corrosion overflow tube, and an exclusively designed aluminum SlantEdge Cap.

5. The Slim-Fit System is fully assembled right out of the box with a weather-tight connector equipped wire harness.



To get a better handle on what’s going on, take a look at this Features & Benefits flyer that points out some of the obvious design work that went into this. What you can’t see are the ridiculously tight tolerances that allow the central tank to braze directly into the core. The deep draw stamping of the headers that makes for superior bonds with the tubes to prevent leaking beyond that of other competitors. Fin counts, louver angles and the list goes on and on. At the end of the day, this radiator invention is truly an amazing feat of engineering; that when dropped into a S-10 conversion because it’s thin, or into a G-body just because it’s cool looking, marks a huge step forward in what can be done in cooling under the hood.

Click HERE to read the Features & Benefits flyer.


Slim-Fit Radiator Collection


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