Targa Truck constantly improving performance - even during Motorama!

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The 2019 version of Performance Improvements Motorama booth will feature Mark Bovey’s Targa Truck, the first truck to ever race in Targa Newfoundland. Mark along with his co-driver Miles Markovic took Mark’s 1971 GMC farm truck (much modified since his dad bought it for him at age 14, for $100.00.) to Newfoundland, raced for five segments  in one of the most difficult endurance races in North America astounded the locals and the other racers who could not believe that a truck could be successful in such a gruelling event. Successful they were, taking home Rookie of the Year and a second place in the Classic category.  
As is usual with those dreamers who do not do things the easy way, Mark began to scheme for what’s next, what would be that challenge? Well, the new goal is Pikes Peak, to race there and survive would require an unusual amount of modifications. So the work began. In the P.I. booth you will see the amazing changes that are being made to what was once a farm truck. 
Meanwhile, at the Performance Improvements booth, they will be displaying all the latest new products for the car enthusiast. There will be a number of unique products built from Canada’s own Vibrant Performance parts. Items such as a set of Baja 1000 headers built by Iik Design and Fabrication, a complete Intercooler/Heat exchanger setup by Proper Fabrications and a Schmuck Built Turbo manifold.  They will also have on display the world’s most expensive Muskoka Chair built entirely from Vibrant Titanium pieces, It’s amazing! 
To make things more interesting they will be plumbing the Targa Truck with Vibrant PTFE lined hose and fittings during the show. 
Of course, there will opportunities to buy. EFI from Fitech or Holley, Racequip Helmets and safety equipment, So Cal T-shirts and hats, plus much more. So bring your cash Visa or Mastercard.  



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