Toronto's "hot rod lawyer" Jonathan Hendricks

Toronto's "hot rod lawyer" Jonathan Hendricks

Did you ever hope that in the event you got in some trouble with your vehicle you could find a sympathetic lawyer? Someone familiar with the MTO requirements, the MOE regulations, and laws regarding emission devices? Well your hope has been realized. Jonathan Hendricks is that lawyer.

If you have been involved with the car hobby for the last few years, you are aware there are forces working against us. In most instances, our cars are driven a minimum number of kilometers each season and the braking systems and suspensions have been upgraded to today’s standards, yet insurers are refusing to insure them for regular driving. “It’s been modified” is the usual answer, sending us to the specialty insurers who, while offering very attractive rates, unfortunately are restrictive in where and when you drive. Both MTO and MOE have regulations that are, confusing to say the least, and in some instances, patently unfair.

Jonathan is a car enthusiast. He has been since his youth. His dad, a policeman, was the proud owner of a 70’s Corvette, and Jonathan used to go with him whenever he was buying parts for his Vette from our store. After high school, Jonathan went to the University of Toronto for his undergraduate degree. He then studied at the University of Windsor law school. It was in Windsor that his passion for Transportation, Criminal and Administrative Law grew. He graduated in 2012 and was called to the Law Society of Upper Canada after articling with the Ministry of the Attorney General. Jonathan has retained his interest in cars and has become very familiar with the problems that modified car owners, tuner and truck enthusiasts face. He wants to specialize in this field. Jonathan practices in the Greater Toronto Area with an office in downtown Toronto.

Have an automotive law problem? Contact:

The Law Office of Jonathan Hendricks

1 Dundas Street West, Suite 2500
Toronto, Ontario, M5G 1Z3
(P): 647-894-0595


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