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Rodders Journal 76

Rodders Journal

  • $23.99 CAD

Rodder’s Journal #76 Rodder’s Journal #76 is an issue that we’re particularly proud of. We spent months scouring the country for the best stories, cars and hot rod history that simply needed to make their way into print. Now that the ink has dried, the magazines have been bound and shipped to subscribers near and far.

On the newsstand cover, we have a low-angle shot of George Poteet’s 1932 Ford sedan built by Johnson’s Hot Rod Shop in Gadsden, Alabama. It’s radical, traditional and powered by a 400+ horsepower Y-block. For the subscribers, we picked Don Emmons’ photo of Russ Hess’ 1941 Willys Gasser that he took in 1967. With its blown small-block, polished spindle-mount 12 spokes and Goodyear Blue Streaks, the street Gasser is just about as wild as they come.

Flipping through the issue, you’ll find 170+ pages of hot rods, customs and vintage race cars from every corner of our hobby. From a mild custom ’40 Ford Fordor to a channelled Deuce pickup to a Model A street Gasser, this issue covers it all like never before—but like every issue of The Rodder’s Journal, it’s more of a book than a magazine.



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