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FiTech 31004 Go EFI 4 PA System Master Kit w/ Inline Fuel Pump


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Bolt on EFI & Fuel Pump that won't break the Bank

Carb Swap Kit includes FiTech 30004 and 50001 inline Fuel Pump Kit.

Works on engines producing 200-600hp and supports Boost or Nitrous

The Go EFI Power Adder Kit is for the enthusiast that demands more from his system or is planning a future upgrade! This system is capable of 25 lbs of Boost right out of the box and can be used in a blow thru turbo or blower application or on a single roots style supercharger. You can also run a single stage of Wet Nitrous and control your A/F as well as Ignition timing**.

Has all of the self tuning features you expect from the Go EFI systems, with the extra PRO Features needed for higher output engines. Annular Swirl Discharge fuel distribution as well as Nitrous and Boost timing retard** features make this a perfect choice for your Power Adder engine or your normally aspirated engine, if you are considering future upgrades.

All Go-EFI’s feature Voltage Control fuel pump control. This feature reduces the voltage to the pump under low load conditions such as idle and cruise thus reducing noise and heat. This will extend the life of your pump and keep the fuel in the tank cooler and your ears from ringing!

Go-EFI Systems feature Wet flow technology and have a unique Swirl Spray Annular discharge design that assures COMPLETE ATOMIZATION!!  Check out the videos, you need to see it!

Go EFI Power Adder Features:

  • Boost Ready Throttle Body
  • Boost Ready ECU 2.5 Bar MAP sensor good for 25 PSI!
  • NITROUS control with a host of safety features and accessories for Nitrous tuning
  • Nitrous and Boost specific target A/F target options
  • Boost and Nitrous timing retard** strategies
  • 2 fan control (can set at separate temperatures)
  • Air-conditioning idle speed input kick up
  • Advanced hand Held Tuning Mode Enabled

Also includes these standard Go EFI 4 600HP features:

  • Ignition timing can be controlled and adjusted on the fly from your touch screen controller
  • Air Fuel ratios can be optimized on the fly as you drive! Try that with your Carb
  • Will work with CDI (aka MSD) box but not required to control timing**
  • Built in Fuel pressure regulator.  No extra regulator to mount on your fire wall.
  • Manufactured with OE engineering.  FiTech ECU’s are used Globally and pass Euro 5 emissions standards in new vehicles  
30004 Kit Contents
  • Boost Ready Throttle Body
  • Harness "A" (Plug-in pigtail user harness)
  • ECU (Mounted on Throttle Body)
  • Set of four 80lbs/hr injectors
  • Idle Air Control (Installed in Throttle Body)
  • Throttle Position Sensor (Mounted on Throttle Body)
  • Coolant Sensor
  • Handheld Controller w/billet case
  • Bosch 4.2 Wide Band O2 Sensor & Bung Kit
  • Fuel Pressure Regulator (Installed in Throttle Body)
  • Gasket Kit
  • 6AN Inlet/Outlet Fittings (Installed in Throttle Body)
  • Data Com Cable
  • 8 gigabyte SD Card (Installed in Controller)
  • Instruction Booklet

Fuel Delivery Kit 50001 includes an EFI grade 255LPH inline external fuel pump that is suitable for engines making up to 600 HP. This kit includes 40-feet of EFI grade fuel hose suitable for both the inlet and return lines between the fuel tank and the engine. Two fuel filters protect the pump and EFI system. Black hose and black hose ends are hose barb/clamp style for easy assembly.  ***this is NOT the same as FiTech's 40005 fuel system***

  • 40-ft 400 Series EFI Hose w/CPE Inner Liner
  • 1 x -06 90° Bulkhead Fitting 
  • 1 x -06 Bulkhead Nut
  • 2 x 3/8" Barb Fitting for Pre-Filter
  • 1 x 60 Micron Billet Aluminum Pre-Filter
  • 1 x 30 Micron Billet Aluminum Post-Filter
  • 1 x 255 L/H In-Line EFI Fuel Pump
  • 1 x Billet Aluminum Pump Mounting Bracket
  • 1 x M18 x 1.5 Black Fitting - Pump Inlet
  • 1 x M12 x 1.5 Black Fitting - Pump Outlet
  • 2 x Stat-O-Seals
  • 1 x 3/8" Barb to -06 AN Hose End
  • 2 x -06 AN Female to 3/8" Barb 45° Hose Ends
  • 10 x Stainless Steel EFI Hose Clamps
  • 1 x Adel Clamp to secure Filter

** Timing Control will work on most conventional 2 wire distributors or on vehicles equipped with a C/D style ignition system (like MSD).  Vehicles equipped with H.E.I. distributors will require an C/D style ignition box for the timing control to work.

Check out technical sizes and drawings -> HERE

Be the first car guy to actually read the EFI instructions -> HERE 

Read on!  The 50001 Fuel System Instruction -> HERE

Still thirsting for more info?  Read the Quick Start Guide -> HERE

Note that this EFI system can also be used with an engine compartment mounted Fuel Command Center, which provides a returnless system.

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