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Lumens HID Ballast


  • $57.95 CAD

Lumens HID Ballasts are sold individually. Lumens prides themselves on the quality of their products. Lumens ballasts are considered the best in the industry for the following reasons:

  1. All of our ballasts incorporate digital technology
  2. Rubber injection is used to fill the ballasts
  3. We only use ballasts producing AC power @ 35W
  4. offered in both standard size and small sizes

Advantages of Epoxy / Rubber Injection Filled Ballasts

By injecting rubber into all Lumens ballasts, and vacuum sealing the insides with this material, all the air is forced out of the ballast.

i) This material prevents condensation from building on the electronics inside the ballasts. This is particularly important for those living in colder areas and those living in very humid areas.
ii) With the insides being filled with rubber between the electrical components, the ballast becomes substantially more shock proof, as parts will not loosen from the circuit board as easily.
iii) Prevents water from entering the ballast and damaging the electrical circuitry.

Add a connector to our replacement ballast and save big compared to the dealer! Lumens HID Ballasts are sold individually.

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