Disconnecting from Work Policy


Performance Improvements Speed Shops Ltd. (the Company) is committed to fostering a safe and healthy work environment for all employees. Recent technological advancements along with an increase in remote work arrangements have led to the risk of “hyper-connectivity”. Accordingly, this Policy sets out the Company’s expectations around work-related communications in an effort to assist employees in disconnecting from work during appropriate times.



This Policy applies to all employees of the Company.



“Disconnecting from work” means not engaging in work-related communications, including emails, telephone calls, video calls or the sending or reviewing of other messages, so as to be free from the performance of work.



In general, the Company does not expect employees to read or respond to work-related communications outside of their normal working hours, subject to the following exceptions:

  • where operational or business needs require such communications and the employee has been given notice in advance;
  • where such communications are required due to the nature of the employee’s duties;
  • where the employee’s role is managerial or supervisory in nature, in which case operational or business needs may require communications outside of normal working hours;
  • where the employee has been authorized to work flexible hours;
  • in instances involving unforeseen operational or business needs;
  • in cases of emergency;
  • where such communication is required pursuant to another Company policy; or
  • in other situations that may arise, at the discretion of the Company.



Practices and customs for disconnecting from work may differ across the Company depending upon the nature of the work and the circumstances of the employees on a particular team. Employees should address ideas or concerns relating to disconnecting from work with their managers.

The following tools may assist employees in disconnecting from work, where appropriate:

  • Automatic Replies – employees may consider enabling automatic replies indicating the dates that they are out of the office, the date they will return to the office, and an alternate point of contact during the employee’s absence.
  • E-mail Signatures – employees may consider including reference to the timing of their e-mail communications in their signature block, such as “My working hours may not be your working hours. Please do not feel obligated to respond to this e-mail outside of your normal working hours.”
  • Delay Delivery – employees may consider using the “delay delivery” function when sending e-mails if the timing of their communication may not align with that of the recipient (e.g. where the sender and recipient are in different time zones, or have different work schedules).
  • Vacation Alerts – employees may consider including a vacation alert in their signature block indicating the dates of an upcoming vacation.



Employees with questions or concerns about this policy should contact their manager or Human Resources.

This policy is subject to change at the sole discretion of the Company. Employees will be notified of any such changes in accordance with applicable employment standards legislation.


Date of Policy: June 2, 2022
Date Last Revised: June 2, 2022