Performance in Motion is a Canadian automotive magazine featuring Hot Rods, Muscle Cars, Pickup Trucks, Canadian Drag Racing, Drifting, Autocross, the SEMA Show; featuing words, photos and art from Blair Taylor, Jeff Norwell, stanceiseverything's Dave Thomas, Chuck Vranas, Mark Bovey's Targa Truck, and the Reluctant Passenger.


Performance in Motion Magazine - All-Canadian Automotive Magazine



Inside Vol 19 No 1 we have: K&N Cabin Air Filters, How To Keep Mice Out Of Your Vehicle, Aeromotive Gen II Stealth Fuel Tanks, What size carburetor for my engine?, Top 10 EFI Tech Tips, Speed Parts, AVS2 Carbs, The Big Go Drags, Book Review and the UN-Reluctant Passenger. 32 pages



Inside Vol 18 No 4 we have: Resurrecting a 1958 Chevy Fleetside, Fastest Batteries in the World, Drift Jam 2018, Speed Parts, AVS2 Carbs, ELTA & the Big Go Drags, Book Review: LS GEN IV ENGINES, Aeromotive Gen II Stealth Fuel Tanks, Ron Dolson R.I.P. and the Unreluctant Passenger. 32 pages



Inside Vol 18 No 1 we have: Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo 2018 coverage, The Bucket Seat Podcast, 2018 RACING SERIES, Quarter Mile Foundation by Traci Hrudka, Try Again: Project Why Wait comes Home by Dave Thomas, Spring into EFI by @1968_Fastback, Converting to EFI with Rusty Speedwerks by Les Tuck, Rockabilly Rev Up by Ronn Hughes, Book Review: The Rodders Journal, Centennial Street Rodders 50th by Bob McJannett, Closing the Gap, Hyundai Genesis by Chad Dugan, Reluctant Passenger Glossary by Bonnie Staring, an Editorial by Bob McJannett - Eibach Canada, WeatherTech Canada, Sport Brakes, Hough Automotive, Hot Rod Scott’s, Davies Auto Body, Precise Transmission, Vintage Auto Insurance and more! 32 pages



Inside Vol 17 No 4 we have: Pikes Peak, SEMA Show 2017, Targa Truck Update, Pertronix Ignition and the Reluctant Passenger with Features drivers really need. 32 pages



Inside Vol 17 No 1 we have: Targa Truck Update, Steve Magnate’s 1,001 Mustang Facts, ISKY: Ed Iskenderian and the History of Hot Rodding, Upcoming Events 2017, Racing Series: OSCA, CAN/AM Super Stock, TNT Super Series, Formula Drift, SPDA, OORA, MIDASWEL 1940 Dodge Pickup Truck, MOTORAMA 2017, Tribute to Duke Brown and the Reluctant Passenger Glossary. 32 pages



Inside Vol 16 No 2 we have: The Publisher Says "What does the Future Hold?", SEMA Show 2016: Fifty Years of SEMA, Vintage Auto Championship, Classics on the Square, Project: Why Wait Update, Project33 Hits the Road, Canadian Street Rod Hall of Fame, Book Review, Unfinished Nationals, and the Reluctant Passenger: Who's at the Wheel? 32 pages




Inside Vol 16 No 1 we have: Coverage of the LSFest RoadTrip with Mark Bovey and the Targa Truck, Canadian Drag Racing Hall of Fame, learn about Race Gas, Dave Thomas tells us about Project: No Time To Wait, Blair Taylor's 1938 Dodge Sedan Hot Rod, Read all about Top Fuel Dragsters and Sox & Martin, this month our Publisher is being driven Crazy trying to answer the question "Is the EPA After Your RACE CAR?" and the Reluctant Passenger Glossary. 32 pages



Vol 15 No 4 features: the latest info on Dave Thomas’ “Project: Why Wait” pickup truck, Ruthven Park Car Cruise coverage, visit the Vintage in the Village Car Show, get a taste of what the Targa Truck has been up to, learn how the Barnes Boys are keeping a Drag Racing tradition alive, visit the Roadmates 40th annual Corn Roast, find out what is driving our Publisher Crazy, try to sort out how TPP is threatening our cars with copyright infringement and the Reluctant Passenger asks “Why can’t we all get along” with Fender Equality.



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