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Aeromotive 18310 Phantom Flex 450 Fuel Pump System Canada Performance Improvements

Aeromotive 18310 Phantom Flex 450 Fuel Pump System


  • $858.88 CAD

Phantom Flex Stealth Fuel System

To make serious power, you need an in-tank fuel pump. But who wants to weld a sump, or lose trunk space to a Fuel Cell? Aeromotive has designed a completely universal system that will fit your stock gas tank, plastic, steel, aluminum, corrugated or smooth. The Phantom system’s internal baffle controls fuel slosh and keeps the fuel pump submerged in fuel, even at low fuel levels and in aggressive driving.

Aeromotive’s Phantom line of universal in-tank fuel systems goes green with the new Phantom Flex. As E85 makes its way into mainstream hot-rodding, its higher octane rating creates a cheaper fuel alternative for higher compression performance applications, but came with a few problems, namely its corrosive nature and stoichiometric ratio (fuel needed per unit of air). This is no match for the sealed electrical connections and 450lph pump included with Phantom Flex, making Aeromotive’s latest addition true to its name.

The Phantom Flex has a lot in common with the original Phantom. Whether you’re using E85 or gasoline, the Flex provides easy installation in virtually any fuel tank. It comes
with an additional 30% more flow over its 340lph predecessor. The system also includes a larger foam and bladder design to feed the 450lph pump and combat fuel slosh in
many harsh driving conditions. Reliable and quiet, the new Phantom Flex provides you with a viable solution when using renewable energy.

More about the Phantom
Are you considering a switch to EFI or swapping in that late model motor? What has recently become the hottest trend in hot rodding has been plagued by fuel delivery.

The question always is: “what do I do for a tank?” Up until now, it’s been one of three options: weld in a sump to your tank, go with a fuel cell, or pay for a custom tank. Aeromotive’s Phantom Fuel System gives you a fourth option: putting a high performance fuel pump inside virtually any fuel tank, including your factory tank. Simply cut a hole in you tank and measure the depth. Cut your pump hanger bracket and baffle/basket foam to length. Insert the baffle, install the retainer ring and gasket, and bolt your pump and hanger down. That’s it. Now you have a fuel pump inside your factory tank capable of supporting big horsepower EFI or Carbureted. And it’s whisper quiet.

No more welding sumps or using up trunk space with fuel cells. No more hot fuel handling issues, like vapor-lock, and no more fuel slosh. The Phantom’s internal baffle / basket controls fuel slosh and keeps the fuel pump submerged in fuel, even at low fuel levels and in aggressive driving. The best part about this whole system: it’s completely universal. This system will fit virtually any tank, whether it’s made of plastic, steel, aluminum, corrugated, or smooth, with a depth in between 5.5 inches and 11 inches. One system that gives you everything you need to fuel your ride. Its serious performance you will never know is there!



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