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28540 Edelbrock Super Victor Series Big Block Chevy Intake Manifold Canada Performance Improvements Prices in Canadian, No Duties, 365 Day Return

Edelbrock 28540 Super Victor Series Big Block Chevy Intake Manifold


  • $2,173.88 CAD

Big Victor 3 BV3

  • 4.84 Bore Spacing
  • Standard BBC
  • with Edelbrock Big Victor 3 BV3 Heads
  • Dominator Flange
  • Short Deck 9.8
  • These manifolds are designed and have been CNC port matched for use with Edelbrock BV3 cylinder heads which feature a unique symmetrical port layout for the 4.84" or 5.0" bore spacing big-block Chevrolet applications. These new manifolds feature a spider style single-plane design with efficient runners that are engineered to deliver peak performance across a wide range of applications. They have a lengthened plenum and a narrowed runner design to deliver equal length runners.These new manifolds are also the first in the Big Victor Series to feature Edelbrock's unique two-piece design. This unique design simplifies and reduces time in applications that require CNC porting. The manifolds are cast in two separate pieces, allowing them to be taken apart for better porting access and then they can bolted back together while maintaining a perfect match. Each piece has a precision machined o-ring groove to ensure a proper seal. High quality bolts and washers are supplied. Each manifold also has a matching valley plate with the proper flange thickness. These unique valley plates feature an highly efficient integrated water distribution system, reducing the need for external plumbing. All of these manifolds feature a carb pad with a 4500 Series flange that is also large enough to accommodate various throttle body and throttle stop applications on the market today.



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