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Accel P526S U-Groove Spark Plug Header Plug P526S Canada Performance Improvements

Accel P526S U-Groove Spark Plug Header Plug P526S


  • $27.95 CAD

Double Platinum Shorty Spark Plug, 14mm Thread, .708” Reach, Tapered Seat 5/8ths Hex, Projected Tip, Resistor, Sold Each

These ACCEL performance spark plugs produce a larger spark for more power at high rpms. They improve throttle response and fuel economy and reduce fouling. Their purified Alumina insulator prevents arcing, and their machine-rolled threads protect heads. The double platinum electrode ensures a long life.

ACCEL's patented race proven spark plugs in a Shorty configuration. The overall length has been reduced ~3/16" to gain critical air gap between the spark plug boot and the exhaust manifold or header tube. This helps eliminate burning the spark plug boot or dimpling the header tube. The shorter spark plug length also can make it easier to install an remove the spark plugs in certain applications where there is not a lot of room to fit a socket or move a wrench around.



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