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Edelbrock 1033 Throttle Linkage Kit Two Barrel Carb Progressive 3x2


  • $198.89 CAD

Vic Edelbrock Sr. invented the triple carburetor progressive linkage providing a bolt-on linkage solution for multiple carburetor set-ups on small-block V8 applications. The original design has been re-introduced, giving you the genuine look of the 1950's and 60's. The progressive design opens the primary carburetor(s) to part throttle, then synchronizes all three carburetors to achieve wide-open throttle simultaneously. These are the most complete kits on the market - including return springs and brackets, linkage with provision for kick down and throttle connection. Edelbrock 94 carburetors are equipped with an extended length knurled throttle shaft, making these kits an easy bolt-on upgrade. This unique design saves fuel, provides smoother throttle operation and eliminates flat spots.

Carburetor Two-Barrel Progressive Throttle Linkage Kit 3x2



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