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Hurst 538-8585 "Pistol Grip" Replacement Stick for Dodge Challenger 70-74 Canada Performance Improvements

Hurst 538-8585 "Pistol Grip" Replacement Stick for Dodge Challenger 70-74


  • $376.88 CAD

In 1970, Chrysler introduced the Dodge Challenger and Plymouth Barracuda models with a must have option, The Hurst Pistol Grip Shifter. A collaboration between Chrysler and Hurst engineers, this "Pistol Grip" was something of a revelation in the automotive industry. It became one of the iconic features of both Hurst and the Dodge Challenger/Plymouth Barracuda, from the past all the way through today's new Challengers. In fact, Chrysler and Hurst engineers are still collaborating today, but this time on the newest Challengers. Much of the same design and tooling that was used on the 1970 Challenger T/A and Plymouth Cuda AAR is used today to manufacture these reproduction Hurst Pistol Grip Handles and Sticks with the same materials and construction methods but with one main difference: these reproduction handles incorporate Hurst's standard 2-bolt connection.

This Hurst 535-8585 "Pistol Grip" Replacement handle will fit on ANY Hurst aftermarket shifter that has a Hurst standard 2-bolt connection lower stick. From an original 1970 Dodge Challenger or Plymouth Barracuda equipped with an aftermarket Hurst Competition Plus Shifter, to a modern brand-new Dodge Challenger equipped with an aftermarket Hurst Billet Plus Shifter; these handles just bolt-on!

Designed for non-console shifter applications. Pistol grip handle and stick with 4 speed pattern.



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