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Proform 67185 AMC 290-401 Distributor Canada Performance Improvements

Proform 67185 AMC 290-401 Distributor


  • $456.99 CAD

AMC 290-304-343-360-390-401 HEI STREET/STRIP DISTRIBUTOR

Utilizing the durable and dependable High Energy Ignition (HEI) system pioneered by GM, these units offer calibrated advance curves that are optimized for maximum combustion efficiency and for the elimination of detonation damage. Durable one-piece design: the coil and module are mounted internally for easy one-wire hook-up. Each unit includes a high-power coil, a premium hi-dielectric red cap with brass terminals, and a low-saturation ignition module. By eliminating the stock- AMC ballast resistor, more ignition voltage results in improved spark that permits a bigger spark plug gap, resulting in more power and reduced plug fouling. Incorporates easily found High Energy Ignition (HEI) replacement parts.

HEI Distributor; Fits AMC 290-401 V8 Engines; Built-In Coil With Magnetic Trigger; Comes With A Red Cap and Features A Vacuum and Mechanical Advance; Comes With An Iron Gear; Made From Cast Aluminum With Natural Finish

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