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Proform 67200 Carburetor Canada Performance Improvements

Proform 67200 Carburetor


  • $1,075.99 CAD

Finally an affordable high-performance race carburetor! PROFORM's new Race Series Carburetor is hand assembled in the U.S. utilizing the PROFORM High-Flow Carburetor Main Body, durable billet metering blocks, and a high performance billet throttle baseplate. The PROFORM Race Series Carb includes: PROFORM Carburetor Main Body, High-Flow Aluminum Main Body! , Dyno-Proven Horsepower and Torque Gain! , Adjustable, Screw-In Air Bleeds! , Maximum Air Flow: No Air Horn, Choke Tower, or Choke Control!, High-Rate Air-Flow Section Design!, Uses standard service and tuning components! PROFORM Billet Throttle Base Plates!!, Adjustable Secondary Air Flow Cam Bracket! , Solid Billet Construction!, Manufactured in the U.S.A.! , Timed and Full Vacuum Tubes for Accessories and Tunng!, Button Torx Head Throttle Plate Screws! , Power Valve Blow Out Protection! , Slip Link Mechanical Secondary Linkage!, Serviceable Throttle Levers!PROFORM Billet Metering Blocks, Solid Billet Construction! , Durable, No Warping or Porosity Problems! , Changeable Idle Feed Restriction! , Manufactured in the U.S.A.! PROFORM Aluminum Fuel Bowls, Lightweight Aluminum , Sight Glass Windows for easy float adjustment!



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