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ACCEL 8199 U-Groove Spark Plug - 8 Pack of #0576S Canada Performance Improvements

ACCEL 8199 U-Groove Spark Plug - 8 Pack of #0576S


  • $52.95 CAD

ACCEL's "Shorty" spark plugs keep your spark plug boots from being burned and your headers from being dented if you don't have enough room between your plug boots and your exhaust manifold or headers. Designed for trouble-free installation and removal in cramped spaces, these high-performance plugs are much easier than OE plugs to get a socket on but still deliver a larger, hotter, fuller flash front and significantly more power at high rpm. You'll have instant throttle response and better fuel economy with less fouling, flame dissipation, and misfire. These copper-core plugs provide increased thermal conductivity, come with machine-rolled 14mm threads to protect your heads, use a standard 5/8 socket, and come in a pack of eight.



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