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Aeromotive 13301 Universal Bypass Fuel Regulator Performance Improvements Canada Canadian

Aeromotive 13301 Universal Bypass Fuel Regulator


  • $204.88 CAD

These universal bypass fuel pressure regulators from Aeromotive are designed for use with either carbureted or EFI fuel systems in street or track applications. They feature adjustable base pressure and are ideal for bypass applications where superior flow and pressure control are desired.


  • Capable of regulating any fuel pump between 100 and 250 GPH.
  • Fuel pressure rises on a 1:1 ratio when referencing boost.
  • All ports are 3/8" NPT, with one inlet and three outlets on the main body and one return port on the bottom.
  • Bypass design provides the ultimate, dynamic fuel pressure control.
  • Note: (Requires a return line to be installed from the bottom of the regulator to the top of the tank.)




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