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Aeromotive 16306 Billet Fuel Pump Controller Canada Performance Improvements

Aeromotive 16306 Billet Fuel Pump Controller


  • $631.99 CAD

Fuel Pump Speed Controller (FPSC) minimizes fuel heating and vapor-lock problems by matching the duty cycle of the fuel pump to engine RPM.

Whether you're cruising or running wide-open throttle, Aeromotive's billet electric fuel pump controllers are able to sense engine rpms and deliver the correct voltage to the fuel pump(s). An adjustable knob lets you calibrate the desired rpm level, and an LED indicator confirms ignition hookup, verifies the energizing of the manual override circuit, and indicates the circuit is providing full voltage to the pump(s). Their housing is constructed from 6061-T651 billet aluminum and anodized finish for great looks. Their low operating temperature allows mounting in any location, and they come complete with everything needed for installation.

  • Solid State Electronics
  • LED Indicators
  • Adjustable
  • Aluminum
  • Black
  • Installation Kit with Wire
  • Override Toggle Switch
  • Hardware



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