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Aeromotive 18660 Stealth Fuel Cell Canada Performance Improvements

Aeromotive 18660 Stealth Fuel Cell


  • $1,366.99 CAD

P/N 18660 features: A1000 Fuel Pump (internal) - P/N 11101, 100 Micron Stainless Steel Fuel Filter, 15 Gallon Capacity, Return Line Provision, (2) AN-08 Vents with Rollover Valves, 0-90 Ohm Universal Sending Unit

These Aeromotive A1000 Stealth fuel cells feature a built-in Aeromotive A1000 fuel pump and a 100 micron stainless steel prefilter. They can be mounted anywhere in any car. Simply strap one of the fuel cells in, hook up your fuel line to the pump outlet and your two wires, and you're done.

You won't have to search any longer for a place to mount your fuel pump and pre-pump filter. Through an innovative baffling system inside of the cells, the fuel pump inlet always has a constant column of fuel. In addition, the Aeromotive A1000 Stealth fuel cells' baffling keeps fuel at that same point, even during extreme driving conditions, making them perfect for off-road vehicles, drag racing, and even autocross and drifting. Plus, the pump is inside of the cells, so noise is drastically reduced, and the fuel pump runs cooler longer, ensuring longevity and drivability.



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