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Aeromotive 18688 Phantom 340 Fuel Pump System Performance Improvements Canada Canadian

Aeromotive 18688 Phantom 340 Fuel Pump System


  • $674.88 CAD

To make serious power, you need an in-tank fuel pump. But who wants to weld a sump, or lose trunk space to a Fuel Cell? Aeromotive has designed a completely universal system that will fit your stock gas tank, plastic, steel, aluminum, corrugated or smooth. The Phantom system’s internal baffle controls fuel slosh and keeps the fuel pump submerged in fuel, even at low fuel levels and in aggressive driving.

Aeromotive Phantom 340 fuel systems create an illusion but they are definitely for real! Designed to add a whisper-quiet internal pump to your stock tank, Phantom 340 systems are capable of delivering enough fuel to feed your fuel-injected street rod or musclecar, even in tanks as shallow as 6 inches! So, you can make the switch to fuel injection without a fuel cell, custom tank, or a loud external pump and they definitely can handle serious power even at supercharged or turbocharged EFI pressures. Plus, Aeromotive has made it ridiculously easy for you to make the conversion--pretty cool, huh? You won't see the power, but you will definitely feel the power of Aeromotive Phantom 340 fuel systems!

Click here to learn more about this universal in tank fuel system. 

Features and Specifications:

  • 340 Stealth Fuel Pump
  • Supports up to
    – 700 HP EFI – Forced Induction
    – 850 HP EFI – Naturally Aspirated
    – 850 HP Carbureted – Forced Induction
    – 1000 HP Carbureted – Naturally Aspirated
  • Black anodized hanger assembly
  • (3) ORB-06 Ports Supply, Return, Vent
  • Fuel resistant baffle / basket (Includes: Foam and Bladder)
  • Universal high flow pre-pump filter
  • Modular design can be cut to height to fit almost any fuel tank
  • EFI or Carbureted
  • Turbine pump mechanism increases durability.
  • Must be used with a return style system
  • In-tank use only

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