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AutoMeter 4357 Temperature Gauge Canada Performance Improvements

AutoMeter 4357 Temperature Gauge

Auto Meter

  • $109.99 CAD

Gauge; Transmission Temp; 2 1/16in.; 100-250deg. F; Electric; Ultra-Lite

Transmission fluid temperature is the single biggest contributing factor to the lifespan of your automatic transmission. Having an accurate, real-time measurement allows you to know when to downshift or when to take your foot out of it. Whether you’re towing or simply trying to harness the power of a built or boosted motor, AutoMeter’s Trans Temp Gauge will give you the most accurate possible measurement for the exact temp of your trans fluid. A single wire 1/8” NPT temperature sender included to be installed in your transmission, transmission pan or with an optional transmission cooler line manifold is available for easy installation into a transmission cooler hard line.



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