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HushMat 10330 Cargo Kit Black (16) 12"x23" Canada Performance Improvements

Hushmat 10330 Cargo Kit Ultra Insulating/Damping Material (16) 12in.x23in. Stealth BlackFoil


  • $248.89 CAD

Black Foil - 16 sheets 12" x 23" each 31 Sq. Ft. When driving your vehicle with the exhaust drone - does it drive you crazy? You want that great sound on the outside - but wouldn't it be nice to have a current model quiet ride on the inside? HushMat is the solution.

• Eliminates road noise and vibration
• Engineered to fit OEM specifications and is approved
• Wraps easily around tight areas
• Reduces heat up to 40 percent
• Withstands temperature from minus 30 degree Fahrenheit to 400 degree Fahrenheit



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