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DEI 090400 Gasket Solution Canada Performance Improvements

DEI 090400 Gasket Solution

Design Engineering

  • $28.95 CAD


  • 14 oz. per container
  • Seals metal-on-metal gaps up to .005"
  • Easy disassembly & clean-up
  • Cures within 3-4 minutes on metal surfaces
  • Developed as a sealant specifically for the turbo market, this gray anaerobic paste seals metal-on-metal gaps up to .050" in size. Under normal engine operating temperatures, SPA Gasket Eliminator, when applied between two metal surfaces, will cure within 3-4 minutes. SPA Gasket Eliminator provides resistance to low pressures immediately after assembly of flanges. After curing, it is able to withstand high temperatures, high pressure, vibration, and moisture. It also provides for easy disassembly and easy clean-up.

    Formulated to provide excellent adhesion to steel, aluminum, brass, and other alloys, the most common applications include head to manifold, manifold to turbine housing, manifold to wastegate, and turbine housing to downpipe. Other form-in-place gasket applications can include automotive exhaust couplings, and other commonly flanged metal surfaces.

    Gasket Solution is an excellent product to have around the shop or garage at all times to protect against unforeseen circumstances that can stop a project in its tracks. And for service work, having Gasket Solution in arm's reach provides added insurance the project will be completed on time! Like a can of WD-40®, Gasket Solution provides the versatility to be able to complete your project on time and retain satisfied clients. The alternative may require waiting for a special order gasket on back-order from your local parts store which could impact your revenue.
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