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Derale 16759 Deluxe Adjustable Fan Controller Canada Performance Improvements

Derale 16759 Deluxe Adjustable Fan Controller


  • $98.89 CAD

Fan activation adjusts between 150°F and 240°F with probe sensor that fits in the fins of the radiator. Kit includes color coded wiring harness with in-line fuse holder and 30 Amp fuse, 30/40 Amp heavy-duty relay, A/C override circuit and all necessary hardware for a single or dual fan installation.


  • Adjustable turn-on temperature from 150-240°F
  • Turn-off temperature is preset at 10°F below turn-on temperature
  • Push-in radiator probe
  • Heavy duty 40/60 amp relay *rated at maximum 25 amp continuous draw
  • AC override circuit included
  • Ground circuit relay
  • Note - Operates up to a 25 amp fan or two fans with a combined draw of 25 amps or less

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