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FiTech 40020 Hy-Fuel Dual Pump In-Tank Retrofit Kit


  • $583.86 CAD

Hy-Fuel Dual Pump In-Tank Retrofit Kit

To make maximum power, you need a DUAL in-tank fuel pumps. FiTech Fuel Injection now offers the HyperFuel Hy-Fuel Dual Pump In-Tank Retrofit Kit. You can experience the advantage of a high-volume fuel system with the pumps inside the fuel tank. This kit is made to be fitted into an existing or aftermarket gas tank as well as a fuel cell with ease. It features dual 340 L/PH pumps that are capable of up to 1600 naturally aspirated horsepower as well as depth adjustable for tanks from 6 to 14 inches. This is the easiest way to convert your fuel tank to an in-tank EFI fuel system.


  • Installs in almost any tank with a depth of 6-inches to 14-inches to fit nearly any application.
  • Low profile design for maximum clearance from floorpan of vehicle.
  • Billet aluminum construction with precision machined components.
  • Unique O-ring 360º mounting flange permits easy removal for servicing and re-use. Flange incorporates -6 AN fittings.
  • 2 High quality 340 L/PH fuel pumps.
  • Includes a built-in fuel pressure regulator and block-off plate so system can be run as a return-less or return-style setup.
  • 35 square inch filter to ensure clean fuel and extended fuel pump life.



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