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FITech 47009 1969 F-Body Fuel Tank Kit Canada Performance Improvements

FITech 47009 Hyperfuel 1969 F-Body 18 Gallon 340 L/PH EFI Fuel Tank Kit


  • $770.88 CAD

FITech 47009 Hyperfuel EFI Fuel Tank & Pump System 1969 Camaro/Firebird 18 Gallon 340 L/PH

FiTech's Hyperfuel EFI Tank & Pump Systems are designed as a direct replacement, stamped steel reproduction of O.E. fuel tanks and includes an EFI 340 L/PH high-quality fuel pump. With the installation of one of these fuel tanks, you will have the most modern fuel delivery system available. While primarily intended as an EFI retrofit system, these tanks can also be used on carbureted engines as long as a quality fuel pressure regulator is utilized to reduce the fuel pressure to the carburetor. Each fuel tank includes a quality sending unit for your fuel gauge and internal baffles arranged to assure that your pump pickup always has a supply of fuel to draw from. The in-tank 340 L/PH fuel pump will support up to 700 HP and features three -06 ORB ports, an outlet port, a return port, and a vent port. An in-tank fuel pump is the best method of fuel delivery because the pump is submerged in the fuel which keeps it cooler, provides longer life, and is nearly silent.



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