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FiTech 70001 Ultimate LS Kit for LS1/LS2/LS6 500 HP w/o Transmission Control Canada Performance Improvements

FiTech 70001 Ultimate LS Kit for LS1/LS2/LS6 500 HP w/o Transmission Control


  • $1,943.86 CAD

500 HP Ultimate LS Kit for LS1/LS2/LS6 without Transmission Control

FiTech Part No. 70001

FiTech EFI continues to bring the highest quality products to the market at the most competitive prices. The Ultimate LS Induction System features the same industry leading EFI control that is in all FiTech EFI systems. FiTech EFI has more fuel injection systems in use than any aftermarket fuel injection company. Let that industry leading technology work for you in your LS powered vehicle.

Complete Self Tuning Induction Systems for LS engines designed for the do-it-yourself Hot Rodder to the professional EFI tuner! This system is ready to go with everything needed to complete the induction system of your LS engine and get you on the road easily and faster than any system on the market today. Forget sourcing mismatched parts and cutting and splicing old harnesses and re-flashed ECU’s from “Craigs List” tuners. FiTech’s Ultimate EFI is a complete Kit. Suitable for that junkyard 5.3 to a stroker 427, we have you covered! Check out the list of features inside this brochure and you will wonder why it’s never been so simple to ditch that old factory hardware or top off that fresh long block. We have taken the work out of getting your new or pull-out LS up and running in a flash. That’s why we call this kit the ULTIMATE EFI.

What’s In The Box? FiTech’s 70001 Ultimate LS Kit Contents

  • 92MM Billet Aluminum Throttle Body 
  • Handheld Controller with color touch screen
  • Windshield mount for touch screen Controller
  • 36 lb/hr Injectors
  • High volume fuel rails
  • Fabricated Aluminum Intake Manifold 
  • Plug and Play Wiring Harness
  • BAR MAP Sensor
  • Throttle Position Sensor
  • Idle Air Control Sensor
  • Coolant Temp Sensor
  • Bosch Wide band O2 Sensor
  • Stainless Oxygen Sensor bung
  • AN fittings and fuel crossover
  • Two programmable fan control outputs

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