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FiTech 33061 Go EFI Dual Quad Bright Master kit w/ G-Surge Tank Module


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Bolt on EFI & Fuel Pump that won't break the Bank

Dual Quad 30061 and 50007 G-Surge Tank.

625HP Dual Quad EFI

Nothing says Muscle like 2 big 4 BBL’s on a V8

FiTech EFI has made it simple with their Go EFI 2X4 625 HP self-tuning System. This kit is a bolt on for the most popular manifolds, including the Edelbrock line of dual quad manifolds, WITHOUT any adapters! They fit and look like they belong there, because they were designed to fit from the start. Our normally aspirated kits are good thru 625 hp, but our Go EFI 2X4 POWER ADDER kit can handle you guys with the bigger cubes and Roots Superchargers. One Throttle Body handles all of the brains while the second holds 4 additional injectors, and the IAC motor for idle stability. These can also be used in cross ram and tunnel ram configurations.

No boost with these please! For Boosted and High HP normally aspirated applications please see our Go EFI 2X4 POWER ADDER (Part #30064). **This kit does not include linkage or fuel lines**

Bolt on 2 of these tough looking throttle bodies and drive your car as the system dials itself into the perfect calibration for all of your driving and weather conditions. If you decide you want to tune for more power or economy, the FiTech Touch Screen controller allows quick and easy on the fly adjustments at your fingertips!

Note that this EFI system can also be used with an engine compartment mounted Fuel Command Center.

***Command Center Vent Port MUST be vented to the Fuel Tank***
A fuel rated return line must be routed from the Vent Port back to the fuel tank.
***Please see page 2 of the instructions before purchasing*** 

Also Check out these features:

  • Ignition timing can be controlled and adjusted on the fly from your touch screen controller
  • Air Fuel ratios can be optimized on the fly as you drive! Try that with your Carb
  • 1 adjustable fan control switch
  • Will work with CDI (aka MSD) box but not required to control timing
  • Built in Fuel pressure regulator.  No extra regulator to mount on your fire wall.
  • Manufactured with OE engineering.  FiTech ECU’s are used Globally and pass Euro 5 emissions standards in new vehicles  
30061 Kit Contents
  • 2 Bright Throttle Bodies
  • ECU (Mounted on Throttle Body)
  • 8 Precision Flow matched injectors capable of flowing 625 HP of fuel 
  • Idle Air Control (Installed in Throttle Body)
  • Throttle Position Sensor (Mounted on Throttle Body)
  • Coolant Sensor
  • Handheld Controller w/billet case
  • Bosch 4.2 Wide Band O2 Sensor & Bung Kit
  • Fuel Pressure Regulator (Installed in Throttle Body)
  • Gasket Kit
  • 6AN Inlet/Outlet Fittings (Installed in Throttle Body)
  • Data Com Cable
  • 8 gigabyte SD Card (Installed in Controller)
  • Instruction Booklet

Check out technical sizes and drawings -> HERE

Be the first car guy to actually read the instructions -> HERE

Still thirsting for more info?  Read the Quick Start Guide -> HERE

Note that this EFI system can also be used with an engine compartment mounted Fuel Command Center, which provides a return-less system.


** Timing Control will work on most conventional 2 wire distributors or on vehicles equipped with a C/D style ignition system (like MSD).  Vehicles equipped with H.E.I. distributors will require an C/D style ignition box for the timing control to work.

G-Surge Fuel Pump Surge Module

Never worry about fuel starvation again. The G-Surge Module is typically installed in vehicles that potentially can experience fuel starvation due to fuel sloshing around in an inadequately baffled tank. While this can occur in any vehicle when the tank is not full, it is more frequent in vehicles subject to violent changes in direction such as autocross, off-road, drifting, drag racing and other types of racing.

Features & benefits of the G-Surge

  • Mounts under the hood and is fed by your stock fuel pump.
  • Maintains a 1.5 litre reservoir of fuel in the module.
  • High volume 340 L/PH pump inside the module feeds any EFI system and supplies enough fuel for 750 HP.
  • Precision machined of billet aluminum.
  • -06 AN fittings are supplied in the top of the module.
  • Top cover of module is fitted with an O-ring seal.

Read the instructions -> HERE

Look at the technical drawings -> HERE

***Important Fuel Pump Pulse Width Modulation Update***  -> HERE


Note that this EFI system can also be used with an engine compartment mounted Fuel Command Center.



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