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FiTech 70051 Ultimate LS Standalone ECU w/ Transmission Control


  • $1,348.86 CAD

Ultimate LS Standalone ECU with Transmission Control Part No. 70051

FiTech presents Ultimate LS standalone ECUs. This self-learning ECU is offered with transmission control. So if you're considering utilizing a factory intake, throttle body, and injectors, FiTech Ultimate LS standalone ECUs will get your engine ready for optimal performance.

What’s In The Box? FiTech’s 70051 Standalone ECU

  • Transmission Control
  • Self learning ECU with Touch Screen controller for easy setup and configuration.
  • Windshield Mount for control.
  • Bosch wide band controlled (Self learning).
  • Stainless Oxygen Sensor bung (clamp or weld on).
  • Tach Output Driver for most tachometers (5V).
  • Speedometer Output Driver for most speedometers.
  • Custom wire harness (uses factory coil pack sub harness).
  • Programmable Color touch screen Hand Held Controller with data log features.

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