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Flowtech 11704-R Rams Horn Exhaust Manifold Raw Canada Performance Improvements Prices in Canadian, No Duties, 365 Day Return

Flowtech 11704-R Rams Horn Exhaust Manifold Raw


  • $293.88 CAD

FlowTech 11704-RFLT Exhaust Manifold Full Length Hdrs (Truck) SMALLBLOCK CHEVY RAM HORN MANIFOLD - RAW

• Tight fit block hugger for small block Chevys
• “Rams Horn” design for maximum engine clearance
• Smooth transition, 1-5/8” diameter primaries
• Increased exhaust flow, performance and throttle response
• 3/8” thick 2-1/2” collector for maximum strength
• Thick header flange pads for a leak-free seal
• Premium aluminum header gaskets included

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