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Lumens Replacement HID Bulbs 4300K Canada Performance Improvements

Lumens Replacement HID Bulbs 4300K


  • $39.95 CAD

Unlike the competition, Lumens uses brand name components in all our conversion kit bulbs. These components ensure longer life and better stability in colour in all our bulbs. Many companies choose to go with the less expensive generic bulbs. These generic bulbs tend to leak the Xenon gases out of the bulb and therefore shortens the life. Also available in 6K or 8K. 1 Year Warranty.


Lumens HID conversion bulbs are compatible with most HID conversion kits on the market. Compatible ballasts:

1. Produces AC power (not DC - a lot of inexpensive kits are powered by DC output ballasts)

2. Has 'AMP' connectors to feed AC current to our bulbs. Cutting and splicing the wires between ballasts and HID bulbs is dangerous and not recommended.

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