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Hooker LS Swap Transmission Crossmember  - 1978-88 GM A/G-Body

Hooker LS Swap Transmission Crossmember - 1978-88 GM A/G-Body


  • $362.88 CAD

1978-88 GM A/G-Body LS swap 4L60//4L65/4L70/4L80/TH400/2004R/T56/T56 Magnum Transmission Crossmember


  • Facilitates installation of a 4L60/4L65/4L70/4L80/TH400/2004R/T56/T56 behind an LS engine in 78-88 GM A/G Body applications (may require add-on bracket, see installation notes)
  • Designed using CAD modeling/FEA analysis for optimal fitment, strength, weight, safety and appearance
  • Welded steel construction
  • Provides an optimized engine/transmission inclination angle that is critical to obtaining suitable U-joint working angles, when installed with Hooker 12643HKR engine mounts
  • Designed in conjunction with other Hooker BlackHeart GM A/G-Body engine swap brackets to provide bolt-in installation of Hooker LS swap manifolds, headers and exhaust systems for this application
  • Provides the highest clearance available for up to 3" exhaust system routing
Integral component of the complete Hooker BlackHeart swap system for this application. Component features unique geometry that is not compatible for use with any other brand of engine mounting components. 4L60/4L65/4L70 applications require add on bracket P/N 12655HKR. 4L80 applications require add-on bracket P/N 12656HKR. For applications that were NOT originally equipped with a 200-4R transmission, crossmember adapter P/N 12647HKR is required. Crossmember fitment has not been validated for El Camino applications.

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