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Brian S.
Canada Canada

Customer service needs Improvement

I ordered from P.I. before and had my order within 2 days. Can't remember if they sent me an email to say the order had been shipped. This time it was almost 1 week and I never heard anything about my order and the item was in stock. I called and the person I talked to could not find out where my order was. He called the company that they use for shipping and they couldn't find my order and supply a tracking number. The person suggested that I call Toronto to different ware houses to try to track my order down and I said I have to do that. I was not happy. Any way not knowing where my order was and not getting an email with a tracking number it showed up at my front door 2 days later. I looked out my front door and say the box, no body rang the door bell.


Performance Improvements

Hey Brian, First, let me thank you for taking the time to write about your recent experience. Good or bad, we need to hear from our customers. I'm sorry to hear you had a poor shipping experience receiving your headers. Looking into your order, I see that you placed it at 12:10 pm Friday, August 6, and we shipped it out at 3:57 pm. Purolator had it at their depot by 8:45 pm. You should have received an email with a tracking number, it was sent Fri, 6 Aug, at 6:00 pm "Your order has been shipped!" - I apologize if you did not see it, sometimes it gets stuck in the junk folder. Normally your order would have been delivered the next business day, which would be Monday. It looks like Purolator had a delay for some reason on Saturday: "Delivery may be delayed by up to 4 calendar days. Special handling required." Once the shipment leaves our warehouse we do not have a way to know if it is delayed. I'm not sure where you called, but if it was not the Toronto location they would have no way of knowing what was going on with your shipment. Any questions you have you can always contact us by email: We are constantly checking it, which is why I am replying on Friday night at 9:30. Covid has removed all shipping guarantees, but Purolator Ground still gets most shipments to most large destinations in one business day. We ship to almost all our Customers using Purolator Courrier. We have found it is the most secure way to get our customers their products quickly. We rely on Purolator not just for delivering our online orders, but it is also our primary courier for our retail stores as well. We ship tens of thousands of boxes every year and have tried virtually every courier at one point or another. While no courier is perfect, we found that Purolator has consistently had the best record for delivering items within Canada, on time and undamaged. The other reason we choose Purolator, it is a Canadian company! We try to keep as much business in Canada where ever we can. We use Canadian suppliers as much as possible: from cardboard boxes and labels to our website and data suppliers. When we say we're a Canadian company, we take it seriously. We're sorry your shipment was delayed, Brian. We are constantly working to improve our customer service, but in this case, there is not much we could have improved. Purolator Courrier gets 99% of our packages delivered on time, unfortunately, you were one of the unlucky 1%. Hopefully, we can help you again with something else in the future.

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