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Holley Sniper EFI Self-Tuning Master Kit w/ Fuel System Gold Finish 550-516K


  • $1,698.86 CAD

Holley Sniper 4 Injector 650HP EFI Self-Tuning Master Kit + handheld EFI monitor - Gold Finish

Bolt on EFI that won't break the bank! Bolt-on one of these Holley Sniper EFI engine management systems, answer a few basic questions, and let the Sniper EFI take control of your ride. 


Holley just brought EFI within range – introducing Sniper EFI master kits! It’s economically priced so you can have all the benefits of EFI and still have money to finish or upgrade the rest of your ride! Perfect for street rods, muscle cars, off road trucks or nearly any carbureted vehicle. The Sniper EFI master kit contains the most complete EFI fuel system on the market. Everything is included to completely plumb your fuel system including; 40 feet of 3/8” EFI Hose, in-line fuel pump, post and pre fuel filters, return bulkhead, and all of the necessary fittings and hardware. Put an end to cold start issues, hesitations, vapor lock, and flooding. Upgrade to Sniper EFI and get the tactical accuracy of EFI today!   FiTech value with Holley Quality and Technical Support!


  • Bolt on carburetor replacement (designed to fit single & dual carb manifolds)
  • Throttle body mounted ECU – no extra boxes to mount
  • Supports up to 650hp (4 injector version) 
  • 4 wire vehicle connection (Battery +, Battery - , Switched Ignition & RPM)
  • Integrated fuel pressure regulator
  • Integrated ignition timing control & coil driver
  • Color touchscreen for setup and gauge views
  • Calibration Wizard (Answer a few questions about your engine and it creates the base map, then starts tuning on its own!) - NO laptop required!
  • Self-tuning ECU means you don’t have to be a computer/tuning wiz to have EFI!
  • The included Wideband Oxygen Sensor provides realtime Fuel Map Learn!

Fuel System Features:

  • Universal Electric Fuel Pump (255lph @ 45psi) w/ mounting clamps and fittings
  • 40' of 3/8” Vapor Guard Fuel Hose
  • 11 x 3/8” Vapor Guard Hose Clamps
  • Post Fuel Pump 10 micron Filter
  • Pre Fuel Pump Filter
  • 4 x -06AN to 3/8” Vapor Guard Hose End
  • Fuel Cuff (240MM long)
  • 2 x 9/16” Stat-O-Seal
  • 2 x -06AN Bulkhead Nut
  • -06AN Bulkhead Fitting 

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